1. How can I post an ad?

It's very easy. Click on the button says "Add Post" which will take you through the steps to finish your Ad.

2. How much does it cost to advertise on Deal Not Deal? What is the validity of the Ad?

The Ad's validity and price depend on the type of the Ad:

 Plan Free Premium

0 $1   USD
No. of photos can be posted 4 12
Validity 10 Days 30 Days
Appears first  in the search result No Yes
The Ad is marked with premium ribbon No Yes
Waiting for revision and approval Yes No

3. Do I have the option to hide my contact information on the Ad and reveal them to anyone at anytime later?

Yes. In fact it is recommended to hide the contact information on the ad and reveal them only after reaching a deal - deal status to avoid annoying phone calls and text messages.

4. Will my Ad be deleted after it expires?

No. once a published and active Ad expires it will be sent to user archive. There user can re-post his ad from archive by one click.

5. Is there delivery service provided by Deal Not Deal? Or should I meet with the seller?

There is no delivery service provided by Deal Not Deal. However, there is delivery option provided by a third party. Never the less, the seller and buyer and meet or the delivery to be arranged by one of them.

6. When I buy/sell and Item, Will I be paying/collecting the Money to/from Deal Not Deal?

Deal Not Deal does not and will not in any situation collect or pay the money for any item to the seller or the buyer. In fact, the payment and collecting  the money should be made directly between the seller and buyer.